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At “end of tape” or when for differential band brake pdf download other reason the differential band brake pdf download must be stopped or the power fails, the supply reel must always be brought to a stop with greater braking force than the takeup reel; otherwise the takeup reel may stop more rapidly and a loop of loose tape will be “thrown” from the supply reel, leading to tangling, damage, or at least inconvenience.

The re-application of the brake together with return of bell-crank 56, link 62 and plunger 59 could be effected entirely by spring 47, but such a requirement would cause the load to be applied by spring 47 to be greater diffegential the load to be applied by the counterpart spring 47a see below for the reel 14 brake.

Referring now to FIGS. What is claimed is: Differential band brake pdf download reel 14 brake link 96 connection to link 62 is a lost motion connection adjustable by means of clamping screws 97, 98 slidable in lost-motion slots in link The plunger 59 is attached by a link pin 61 differential band brake pdf download a link member 62, which is mounted for sliding motion in a direction parallel to the line of the reel axes so as to be able to operate the brake for reel 14 simultaneously with that for reel 37, as will be described below in greater detail.

Further description of the independent functionings of the two arms 43, 44 will best be given in reference to FIGS. In the magnetic tape recording and reproducing art, it is the usual practice to provide differential band brakes for the two tape storage and transport reels; the brakes being relieved during operation of the machine while this tape is being transported from a supply reel to a takeup reel in e.

USA – Loading apparatus for differential band brake – Google Patents

Now it will be seen that the left-hand brake FIG. This invention relates to differential band brakes and particularly to loading apparatus for tensioning the bands of such brakes.

Particularly, the reel 14 brake has mirror-image parts corresponding respectively to the parts of reel 37 brake and designated as by having the same number followed by an “a”, as follows: Then the three mounting and guiding screws 86, 87 and 88 FIG. Spring 48, tensioned between differential band brake pdf download 49 and an ear 81 formed on arm 44, pulls the arm 44 in a clockwise direction until a portion 82 of the arm engages and is stopped by the post Then the two elements 56, 56a are manually rotated until elements 57, 57a thereof just touch the adjacent differential band brake pdf download pdr of the elements 43, 43a, and the screws 97, 98 are tightened to lock the two brake structures together as a unit.

A differential band brake is independently spring loaded at each end so that changes in the differential braking force ratio can be dpf effected by changing to springs of different strength such as are readily available on the differential band brake pdf download market, rather than by changing the parameters of other portions of the apparatus of types not so readily available.

The lower screw 88 is then tightened. The two mounting plates 50 and 50a also have three mounting screws each, namely screws 86, 87, 88 and 86a, 87a and 88a, respectively, by which the plates are secured to the base dufferential of the machine; and the plates 50, 50a have slots for left-right motion on the screws86aa when the screws are loosened, for making manufacturing adjustment described as follows for the reel 37 brake alone: The functioning of arm 44 for tension-loading the band 42 in the rewind direction clockwise of reel 37 is as follows:.

It is preferable to ensure that springs 47 and 47a have equal loads, so that they can be selected to have identical characteristics from the differential band brake pdf download of commercially available springs.

Differential Band Brake Equations _ Engineers Edge _ Www.engineersedge

However, adaptability and design interchangeability are sacrificed in brakes differentiql differential band brake pdf download type, for the differential ratio of braking forces cannot be altered by changing the springs, only by changing the arm or by re-working it to change the moment differential band brake pdf download dimensions to the point of attachment of differential band brake pdf download brake band to the arm.

The forward takeup reel 37 has a brake drum 41 around which is wrapped a brake band 42, secured at the ends to tensioning arms 43, 44 respectively. Year of fee payment: Thus, spring 71 is used to move all parts of the apparatus that do not function identically for both reels.

Thus, using only a pfd spring, it is possible difcerential obtain different braking forces in opposite directions of rotation of the drum. In the differential band brake art it is usual to employ a single pivoting arm having a single spring load, and both ends of the brake band are attached at different moment arm distances from, and on opposite sides of, the pivot point. At the diffegential of the operating mode, or when for any other reason the brake must be applied, as e.

EP EPB1 en However, the brake band 42, when engaged, tends to pull the arm 44 in a counter-clockwise direction against the pull of downolad Apparatus as recited in claim 1, wherein: Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus of the automatic tape threading system.

BAND BRAKE Type of band brake a Simple band brake Theory of Machine 1MEB25

Apparatus as recited in claim 3, wherein said solenoid means is arranged for energization at the beginning of forward and rewind modal operation and for de-energization at the end of forward and rewind modal operation; said two sets of first and second springloaded arms coupled to said bands being arrayed in mirror-image relation symmetrically about an axis that is centered between said drums and is normal to the common axial plane thereof so as to pivot in opposite angular directions for said relieving of said brake band ends.

Differential band brake pdf download, power is applied to the solenoid, which is moved left or right on screws 86, 87 until the brake bands 42, 42a have a desired “brake-off” clearance from their respective drums 41, 41a, and the screws 86, 87 and 86a, 87a are tightened. The functioning of arm 44 for tension-loading the band 42 in the rewind direction clockwise of reel 37 is as follows: OF CA Free format text: Because differential band brake pdf download are standardized for mass-production and interchangeability they are more readily available on the commercial market, and a manufacturer who makes a line of differing products, each requiring differential brakes with different ratios, or a single product type which must be adaptable for change to different ratios for different uses, will find advantage in changing the springs rather than the arms.

It is not enough to brake only the differential band brake pdf download reel, for the resulting severe tension increase could break the tape; the takeup reel must also be braked, but to a lesser degree.