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I live in the desert of southern Arizona with a pack of spoiled dogs and Tubbs, the Godfather cat who rules them all. The author talked the talk but definitely came up short with the lack of consumnation dakians Damian and Sofia on what promised to be damians oracle pdf download explosive event.

Good storyline pace, strong characters The heroine isn’t weak and whiny!

Coz you are really good! Thank you for telling the stories of the these hunky men and brave women.

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T op downloaded books on Smashwords: Copy in the library: It completely ensnared me on the first page. Not hard-core but something other than the curtains drawing closed scenario written. Easy read and very entertaining.

You even damians oracle pdf download me to write. The second book in the series should be out in late Feb. Red Dirt Heart 4. I may be able to start the this fall and hopefully have a good bit written by early next year. Had a few too many swear words, like the “F” word, but great story line, I love this whole series.

This is a definite read! Really like this book!

Further complicating his life is the sobering realization that there are spies in his organization who are helping damians oracle pdf download Black God take out his Guardians.

Woohoo — glad you downloaded it to the Nook!

Smashwords – Damian’s Oracle – a book by Lizzy Ford

I write speculative fiction in multiple subgenres of romance and fantasy, contemporary fiction, books for both teens and adults, and just about anything else I feel like writing.

Thank you once again for inspiring me Lizzy. Thanks for giving me the opportunity tg download books for free. While he wants nothing more than for damians oracle pdf download petite beauty to take her place at his side damians oracle pdf download the oracles of legend did his White God forefathers, Damian cant quite rationalize having to win her over instead of command her.

Is this the website that you are going to put the epub version out for the nook? Damian rescues her from the Black God in time to complete a ceremony that will bind her to him for eternity. It was just amazing. Hi, are you planning on writing another story about D and Sofia as the main focus of the book? Avid Mohavehiker on Aug.

But is this finished because the ending seems very abrupt. Damians oracle pdf download you so much.

Damian’s Oracle

Leave a Reply Cancel damians oracle pdf download Your email address will not be published. Unbeknownst to her, her link to the dead man may be all that saves Damian, his Guardians, and the fate of humanity. I used to be really dowload about not believing in my writing and myself.

Damian rescues her from the Black God in time to complete a ceremony that will bind her to him for odf. I checked out your blog — your story is really cute!!

Definitely will recommend this to friends review of free book. Like he had so many ideas and wanted to get them all in.