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The reflection of a light source in a subject’s eyes.

Downkoad can be set to operate automatically or manually, and it’s also possible to bracket pictures to get one with Active D-Lighting and one without. A focus mode available digital photography terminology pdf download select Nikon digital cameras. It is now called Nikon Image Space. Required whenever polarizing is desired using autofocus cameras and cameras that have semi-silvered reflex mirrors.

Photography Glossary | Photography Terms & Video Terminology | Nikon

Multiple clips can be joined into a single movie using the Combine 4-second digital photography terminology pdf download option in the playback menu. A compact disc that holds up to megabytes of digital information.

Ready to put these terms to the test? You can take photos one at a digital photography terminology pdf download. Lateral chromatic aberration is reduced to some degree digittal combining different lens elements with different refractive indexes, but optically speaking, it cannot be completely eliminated. An ISO means the camera is very sensitive to light, so you can use that higher ISO for getting shots in low light. The term used to describe optical storage media compact disc.

They also benefit from an image sensor much larger than a typical camcorder, resulting in higher image quality and exceptional high ISO performance during low-light shooting. A scene mode available on select Nikon digital cameras, that preserves the vivid colors of landscapes.

Active D-Lighting optimizes high contrast images to restore the shadow and highlight details that are often lost when strong lighting increases the contrast between bright and dark areas of an image. It digital photography terminology pdf download be found in the Menu, digital photography terminology pdf download the Movie Tab. When the Compass display terminloogy set to ON, it is displayed on the shooting screen.

Digital Photography 01 | Digital Photography | Digital Camera

One such enhancement is Whiten Teeth, which makes the teeth whiter on a portrait subject. The system keeps even quick-moving subjects in focus across a wide extent of the frame.

The single image with the highest level of detail is then automatically transferred to the memory card. Some browsers also allow you to rename files, convert digital photography terminology pdf download from one file format to another dlwnload add text descriptions. Selectively darkening part of a photo using terminologg image editing program or a mechanical technique in a traditional darkroom.

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A digital photography terminology pdf download that arises when light scattered within the film emulsion continues through the film base and is reflected. It is generally regarded as the most accurate metering for most lighting situations, including those with complex lighting. Available in select cameras such as the Nikon 1 AW1.

An 8 x 10 has an equal aspect ratio to a 4 x 5, but a 4 x 7 image is a bit wider.

EXPEED C2 continues to expand the possibilities of photography with improved levels of high image quality, fine detail and processing speed. In digital photography, a double exposure is most commonly made by combining two images using an image editing program.

A CD-R disc can be written to only digital photography terminology pdf download. Accessory equipment that is used with Nikon Speedlights and other types of lighting equipment, to soften, direct or digiral the direction and quality of light. The AF assist illuminator’s light does not appear in the picture. Because illumination falls evenly on the subject, a front-lit subject may look flat and less dimensional.

For a thorough understanding of white balance and how it influences the final image, read Lindsay Silverman’s article Setting White Balance. An exabyte is a unit of information equal to 1, petabytes or approximately 1,,, bytes. Medical monitors Discover our highest performing inch diag.

Refers to the very short amount of time it usually takes for a flash to fire. Panorama Assist is a scene pcf available herminology select Nikon digital cameras. Auto Slow Sync is a flash mode that is used when shooting portraits at night. Used to describe changes in apparent magnification when a 35mm lens is used on a D-SLR with a sensor smaller than 24mm x 36mm. These modes provide unparralleled versatility to any collection of NIKKOR lenses by offering a multitude of cropping options to fit almost any shooting situation and all provide the digital photography terminology pdf download high quality p output movie file.