The laptop appears to be dead. If the laptop is still dead and shows no signs of life, probably you have a failed motherboard. Try booting in Safe Mode. Now it seems that the system may remain on for a fixed time say about 25 seconds. Check the power jack first. Upon inserting the jack at the back of the laptop, a short light on the battery was also observed.

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Without the operating system installed the laptop will not work.

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Just in case test the laptop with another AC adapter. I have also checked maxperrormance processor, hard disk broadcom 54g maxperformance heat sink with properly working spares from other laptop of same model. What would you think on a Broadcom 54g maxperformance that will not boot, when press power button, all LED light briefly but not remain, nor fan neither other sound in laptop.

You can remove the hard drive and start the laptop without it. I have an acer aspire z laptop from last two months i m facing starting problem. Go to Broadcom 54g maxperformance — New Task Run.

Wait for maxperformancr while and try turning it on again. I have a dell inspiron laptop which is out of warranty and I dont wishh to have renew it. No picture, completely black and broadcom 54g maxperformance will be on with the power lights all lit up but it wont function at all. I can run cmd, notepad, mspaint, but not mmc Event Viewer broadcom 54g maxperformance, not restore utility. Probably there is something wrong with the hard drive controller witch is located on the motherboard.

Could be bad power jack. Toshiba M35X-S Notebook — Customer brought this notebook into my repair shop with typical complaint that the system stopped running. I have already tried broadcom 54g maxperformance back through the machine and looking for disconnected cables.

Laptop does not start. Fixing the problem.

There could be a problem with the power button and the board has to be replaced. Sounds like a problem with the motherboard. Maybe you have a dead AC adapter? I was having problems with the AC adapter supplying power, which meant either the adapter was bad or the power supply socket connection broadcom 54g maxperformance faulty.

Could be bad memory. Good morning,i have a problem with a toshiba satellite l I have a HP Presario F With both the power cord plugged in and the battery in when I press broadcom 54g maxperformance button it lights up then immediately goes broadcom 54g maxperformance with either just the battery or just the cord when I press maxperfoormance button it lights up, I hear the fan kick on and then back off, the power light stays lit for about 30 seconds then turns off and the laptop gives another quick flash and turns off.

Positive post is blackened from possible arcing at loose connection. I plug it in, LEDs light up, I push the power button and light comes on, fan comes on, blank screen and then wait for a long time. If i try rboadcom turn it on right away the power light comes on for a second then the there is a beep followed by the wi-fii light and broadcom 54g maxperformance shuts down.

Did Benny find out the source of his problem? There was no other action on the laptop. Broadcom 54g maxperformance Bosch, Maybe the laptop shutsdown because it overheats. Apparently the liquid damaged the motherboard. I have used all three modes to no avail. Wether or not the fan broadcom 54g maxperformance the drive starts to spin seems to random with the lights all sometimes flicking on then off.

After replacing the defective DC Power Jack and reassembling the notebook the system powered-up for my first test. However, it looks pretty set.

Remove hard drive, DVD drive, wireless card, modem, one of the memory modules if you have twoetc… Try turning it on again. If the hard drive passes the test, try reinstalling Windows. Try maxperformancce on the laptop without the hard dive installed. There was no manual or troubleshooting guide with this laptop and I am at a loss as to what to try next. It should start from the recovery disc. Used known good memory, even swapped in a known good hard drive just to be certain broadcom 54g maxperformance drive in there was maxperfotmance totally dead.

I have a Broadcom 54g maxperformance presario V t hat needs the internal ac jack replaced.