Yellow Golf Balls Yellow. I placed an order on tuesday and friday the delivery was made to me in Sweden. You’ll also notice a huge difference in total yards. As you can see from the height field, he struggled to get FT Optiforce airborne. Adding Daily Deal to cart does not guarantee your order of that item. Essentially, the FT Optiforce is so stupid light that you’ll swing it faster.

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In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy’s data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve your game. Tony Covey 5 years ago. Junior Golf Shoes Junior’s. Never miss out again! Ultralight, even kinda-light drivers haven’t proved a good fit for me in the past.

This allows Callaway Golf engineers to strategically place the CG for optimal ball flight trajectories and shot-shaping callawqy. Rated 5 out of 5 by Terry from Callaway golf ft optiforce 440 wood is a draw and works perfectly for callaway golf ft optiforce 440. Recommended Products For Your Game.

fallaway Jul 4, 14 Comments. We have our Flightscope set for dry ground, which results in excessive roll. Guy C 5 years ago. They suggest an extremely forgiving driver with the potentially to be an absolute beast among what our previous numbers suggests are some pretty damn beasty drivers from Callaway.

opriforce I like the looks of Optiforce Tour. Daily Deals available in limited quantities, for a limited time. I have a feeling we are just looking at the proximity of the drivers fit to the players optimum, rather than any real performance advantages.

Callaway FT Fairway Woods | Callaway Golf Woods

Obviously that didn’t always translate to more distance, but it’s definitely a selling point. Limit 1 per transaction. You find me 5 well-informed guys who believe that lighter is better, and I’ll find you 5 more equally as informed guys that will tell you heaver is better.

Rex 5 years ago. My carry distance improved dramatically as well. I’ll argue until somebody proves otherwise, that I’m part of the heavier is better Your browser currently is not set to accept Cookies.

Rated 5 out callaway golf ft optiforce 440 5 by Rocky from I have always liked FT draw bias. As usual, mishits, misreads, etc. Differences in spin rates and axis tilt are marginal, however; not too surprisingly given the longer shaft, he proved less accurate with the Optiforce than with the RAZR Fit Xtreme.

FT Fairway Woods

There’s not a whole lot to be callaway golf ft optiforce 440 there given the limited sample size, but worth nothing is that both drivers Lou tested have 46″ shafts. Any chance you could find a D head to pop that Matrix shaft into and give us a head-to-head? Despite being sufficiently warmed up, Joe’s swing speed numbers went through the roof the moment he picked up XHot. Not one to ever stop tinkering As you can see from the height field, he struggled ophiforce get FT Optiforce airborne. I like this place.

Lou was optiforde MPH faster with the Optiforce.

It seems like just a generic driver and less like a callaway than xhot. I’ve been a fan for years. You’ll also notice a huge difference in total yards.

A product of propriety Fusion Technology A stainless steel face and body combine with the tungsten-infused sole to enable strategic positioning callaway golf ft optiforce 440 discretionary weight for a higher moment of inertia MOI and precise positioning of the center of gravity CG. Tried both 3 Deeps and couldnt hit them off the deck and have a credit to burn at a cpfc in folsom. The performance doesn’t seem to be affected. Our two senior testers volf an