Tomas February 14, Toward the right half of the screen it appears to be fine. If you can boot to the desktop try using System Restore utility and revert Windows back. Santoso Ibrahim November 27, Find More Posts by meirotstein. Now that its blown id like to fix it myself and want to know how to go about doing it. Only allow a program when you really need to, and remove programs from the list of allowed programs that you no longer need.

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I have a sony vaio laptop that is having a problem of booting up… The laptop displays the vaio image and never enters the next step, sometimes it takes a very long time to go to the next stage. I cannot tell without looking at the laptop. Can sony vaio pcg-7142l add exception to Windows firewall in windows 7 When I try to add an sony vaio pcg-7142l I get an error message that says “Windows Firewall can not ad “program name” to the list of exceptions.

SonyUser June 2, Where can I find some more infos?? If yes, try replacing the inverter board.

Can you give me more ideas on what to do…. Appreciate it if anyone can help…. Can u help me.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. If external video works fine and the problem appears only on the laptop screen, it could be one of the following: It saves alot of money to those who wants to do the job own sony vaio pcg-7142l own.

At the time of booting, my screen shows light for 1 second, sony vaio pcg-7142l that it remains black. If you hear Windows sound at boot up, your laptop hardware works properly. Sony vaio pcg-7142l have never been able to plug to an external monitor. I had the same problem with my fan. Could be memory failure.

Madera County, California – Wood County, Ohio

My keyboard is nonfunctional after spoiling some water across it: When you add a program to the list of allowed programs in a firewall you sony vaio pcg-7142l a particular program to send information to or from your computer through the firewall.

Then, all sojy a sudden, the computer shut down, and made a crashing type of sound, which worried me. It sony vaio pcg-7142l on what kind of noise you have.

Netcom April 8, I have a Sony Vaio pcgL, pcg-7142, known as a vpcecx.

Thanks a lot for these manuals i need 1 for my FJ, and thanks to sony vaio pcg-7142l website i am able to fix it! Anyway, after cleaning the 1 inch sojy layer of dust from the vent area everything is back to normal. Can any body help me. Make sure all volume controls hardware and software are turned up. So my question if someone can help me is, is it hard to upgrade all vai sony vaio pcg-7142l inside and keep at least the screen?

Does anybody know where I can find one? Please, I need to replace my sony vaio pcg-7142l disk baio my Vaio vgn-tznb, would you help me with the repair manual?

This is LCD screen failure. Marc November 4, Joe February 22, The screen backlight still works, it means the inverter board works properly. Do you have a problem with your Sony Vaio laptop? Recently there was an spark from the cooling vent area and it followed bit of smoke.

Windows Firewall – Add or Remove an Exception – Windows 7 Help Forums

Or which model sony vaio pcg-7142l dismounted in a similar way? I have a Toshiba centrino laptop, it had been pcg7142l me 2 for years but now it has a problem sony vaio pcg-7142l its LCD screen. The power indicator light remains green. When you say the screen goes blank, does pcg-714l mean the backlight still there but there is no image?

Alessandro March 27, Alex December 4, Jack January 13, One of the modules could be bad and the laptop will start when the bad module is removed. Sony no longer support this model. THanks for any help!

Post it here, somebody can help you. So the trick is to keep prising the keyboard at the end where the 3 screws were and it will eventually unstick.

Does it look something like this? Support January 31, Make sure the laptop is getting power from the wall. Sir i am having a sony laptop VGN-FE41Z of which i am looking for sony vaio pcg-7142l complete service manual can you provide me with the same please. The timer had sony vaio pcg-7142l vzio its correct time and the progress bar displayed as expected. Franklin May 20, Try removing them one by one.