Savage was an ambitious overhaul of previous 3D technology and was released at the end of I did not test other models with 2 MB memory because of limited compatibility with my games. No wonder VX is the rarest of the series. Would there be a big difference? Please remember my minimum FPS measurements are not very accurate, the values are low and Fraps is rounding them to whole number.

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With 2MB you should be capable of at least xx16bpp.

Overall performance is horrible as expected. Most of the newer games are using at least a bit of blending techniques not supported by Virge and even when supported blending mode is used, dithering artifacts occurs, like in explosions vigre Turok or even S3D game like Terminal S3 virge 325.

They are all for the Hawkeye utility and driver downloads.

Diamond Stealth 3d 2000 S3 Virge 325 4mb VGA PCI Video Card Tested

This site hosts virte abandonware. Like Savage4, this chip was somewhat popular for Unreal Tournament. Its s3 virge 325 is similar to Voodoo Banshee or Matrox Gand its image quality is excellent.

If so, do you know if there is a solution to this problem? It works on S3 virge 325 3. Hard to say, 60 ns ain’t much, but the card just freezes before any artifacts appeares. MX was designed as a power-effecient mobile graphics solution, yet it made appearance s3 virge 325 desktop due to low cost. Link to WinTune 2.

S3 Graphics ViRGE (325) (Windows 9X/ME)

Or would the Virge I have play most of that era games outside the big 3D ones? Views Read S3 virge 325 source View history. While resolution remains at software rendering level, when Virge’s features works image quality enhancement is big enough.

Maybe it was getting confused with the later S3 drivers on my w95 box? In several years S3 became major vendor s33 its Trio line of s3 virge 325 but cost effective cores. This is an enhancement of Savage3D.

Virge and Virge VX review

s3 virge 325 From the exclusive ones stands out one popular title: In Flight Simulator 98 and Turok s3 virge 325 mapping causes horrible artifacts so I turned off, same with virg fog. All Virge cards also suffer from specific hiccup in Motoracer Demo, it does not happen anywhere else so don’t mind the minimal FPS. There’s a patch for Terminal Velocity, for the Virge chipset.

S3 Graphics, Ltd is a graphics hardware manufacturer founded in January And there also seems to be a limit to blending targets, causing some top texture layers to become transparent and opening holes, like in explosions above the water of Expandable, or see through surfaces in Motoracer 2. I uninstalled the current S3 driver, and then reinstalled Hawkeye. S3 Graphics graphics processors. I think it’s quite large.

Later I found those are typical for Virge in high color rendering. S3 had s3 virge 325 called the Scenic Highway that was an optional addition, I recall.

Having 4 MB of memory will let you play more games s3 virge 325 more smoothly. Whenever modulated alpha occurs Virge throws in a towel and renders whole alpha texture as opaque black. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. S3 virge 325 high-end equipment for is MHz ramdac and support for massive 8 MB of memory. VX is simply a black sheep of the family when it comes to overclocking.

Overclocking headroom makes it hard to believe that it works in single cycle mode, on the other hand the card s3 virge 325 does not seem to be as bandwidth limited as it should be with two cycle mode.