When connecting and disconnecting the cable with the Universal Serial Bus interface, however, it it not necessary to turn off the printer and computer. O Caution Indicates cautions that must be observed to use the printer properly or prevent damage to the printer. DTR ER goes low only when the printer is off-line. The following table shows the settings range in columns. If the high resolution control is “OFF,” the lines in the test pattern are unsmoothed or stepped as shown in the left figure below.

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If printing at dpi, you may need to add optional SIMM memory.

Brother: Printer Driver Name List for the Generic Driver installation

Types of paper to avoid are: Never use heat- sensitive paper, or it may cause this problem. Press or keep pressing the switch until you access the desired item. Supplier should be informed that the paper or envelopes will be used in a brother hl-1660e printer. Laitteen kayttaminen muulla kuin tassa kayttoohjeessa mainitulla tavalla saattaa altistaa kayttajan turvallisuusluokan 1 ylittavalle nakymattomalle lasersateilylle.

Lift up and brother hl-1660e the paper width guide to match the paper width, so that broher lightly touches brother hl-1660e right side of the paper stack.

Pressing the SEL switch will not cancel any setting. We can help solve major issues at a snap of fingers.

Brother HL 1660E Toner Cartridges and Toner Refills

SEL – Selects on-line or off-line state. You can turn on or off the error print mode in this mode. If brother hl-1660e replacement plug brother hl-1660e intended to take a fuse then fit the same rating fuse as the original. Factory Settings The printer settings have been set at the factory before shipment.

Brother HLe Specs – CNET

Brother hl-1660e available in the SHIFT mode are labeled with the indications just below the panel switches. Dip the cloth in water and wring it out thoroughly for cleaning.

It is recommended that you perform a test before actual use: Install the toner cartridge and close brother hl-1660e top cover. Save received data, macros, and fonts.

S Form Feed Suppress You can turn on or off the form feed suppress function in this brother hl-1660e menu brother hl-1660e follows: Fixed emulation expressed with double figures “LJ” If for any brither you are not satisfied with our product, brother hl-1660e will offer instant replacement or refund. Selecting the Parallel Interface For this session, select the parallel interface manually as follows: Normal PCL transfer graphics data command has a brother hl-1660e of the data size and should not exceed Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord from the wall socket.

You will then enter the test mode where you may test the printer or print out the list of fonts.

If a moulded plug is severed from the mains cord then it should be destroyed because a plug with cut wires is dangerous if engaged in a live socket outlet. When you turn on this function, brother hl-1660e printer does not print blank brother hl-1660e.

Memory expansion is recommended in that case.

brother hl-1660e This menu appears only when anything has been saved in the card. S If you select a resident bitmapped font Letter Gothic D Notes Toner consumption varies according to the image coverage on the page and the print density setting. Refit the metal plate and secure it with the screws. D Note After you have finished face up print delivery, be sure to reset the knob to switch back to the face down print brother hl-1660e.

Since the automatic interface selection mode has been factory set to ON, simply connect the interface brothet to the printer. Wait a detector few brother hl-1660e, then turn it on again.

The display then shows the current setting with an asterisk: Every time data remains in the printer’s memory, the auto form feed takes place after the wait time brother hl-1660e as below.