That’s a big disappointment given the hype surrounding Intel’s 22nm process and the fact that once again we’re not getting extra cores. But what do these new parts mean if you’re currently shopping for a laptop or desktop PC? Selecting the right processor is key when purchasing or upgrading your PC. Ivy Bridge-EX has up to 15 cores and scales to 8 sockets. I find the first bits of concrete info like frequencies to be the most interesting as they tell us what’s really coming and allow us to analyze what to expect. The reason for the lack of version information might be the same as in SNB-E: If that’s the traditional CPU side covered, it’s the graphics part of the equation where things get really interesting.

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On the left is a traditional 32nm Planar and on the intel ivy bridge is a 22nm Tri-Gate transistor. See more Processors news. Cross reference the new chips with the old Sandy Bridge processors and you’ll see the clockspeeds haven’t budged.

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It’s that ivu of the year. Please submit your comments, questions, or suggestions here. In case you need to refresh your memory about Ivy Bridge, you can consult our Ivy Bridge Architecture Exposed article and check other content under our Ivy Bridge tag.

Don’t show this again. Anyway, that’s it for typo-hunting; let’s look at the big picture.

Products formerly Ivy Bridge E

Next up is the Core i, which ups the clocks to 3. Of course, the top Bulldozer chip already exceeds 4GHz in Turbo mode.

Intel ivy bridge HD Graphicsintegrated into the 3rd generation Intel Core processors, allows PC hardware to stay in step with new visual media needs.

It works the other way, too. More support options for Products formerly Ivy Bridge.

Intel’s Ivy Bridge arrives: Here’s what you need to know – CNET

According to Cyclos Semiconductor, the oufit responsible for the new tech, it can also be used to push clockspeeds beyond 4GHz. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Please work with your appropriate Intel representative intel ivy bridge obtain a birdge price quotation. Of course, they say that with just about every generation of integrated graphics, and it’s never quite true.

Products formerly Ivy Bridge

We will take a deeper look into the performance in a separate article soon. As before, it comes in two version.

We would have liked a further reduction in TDP on the low-power parts, e. This article is about the Intel microarchitecture.

Ivy Bridge Desktop Lineup Overview

We’d expect the i to have a base frequency of 3. You will receive a reply within 2 business days. It appears that all desktop i7 SKUs will use intel ivy bridge better graphics. Retrieved 21 March Log in Don’t have an account? Imtel do they perform? Typical die shrinks involve making things smaller.

AMD needs something dramatically different. The frequencies are also fairly similar. Core i5 S CPU.

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