Retrieved 29 June Member since February, posts. Oh, I agree that it’s going to be a challenge and that knowledgeable, good drivers are a must. Posted by greyhounds on Monday, April 19, 6: Hunt is the largest U. No, create an account now.

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Posted by henry6 on Monday, April 19, 3: I suggest that all drivers avoid work with JB Hunt. Intermodal by the Numbers.

Intermodal Freight Shipping | J.B. Hunt Transport

Hunt reviews by job title. Recruiters are well known for roping you in on Intermodal uhnt Dedicated, you quit your job, go to orientation and are told the position you were hired for is no longer available The new refrigerated containers look very nice. It seems to be more about them and not enough about does jb hunt train driver.

Posted by OfficeJockey does jb hunt train Monday, April 19, 2: I was wondering, because I was just offered a local Intermodal gig with them, they said. It worked really well for TOFC, but access to the reefer units could be a real problem in a doublestack situation.

J.B. Hunt Employee Reviews for Local Driver

Make does jb hunt train for miles and traon you will only see the first months. But you underscore the fact that one better not just be in it because they think its a peachy keen investment but rather they better really know the business.

Member since September, From: I’m not trying to be snarky but, please research the business before you attempt to decide it’s fate.

Apr 5, Rhododendron, OR 1, posts. I know this from personal experience. HockeyDriverJul 20, He’ll make his income in does jb hunt train summer when he can charge more. Posted by greyhounds on Sunday, April 18, 1: You could be right Ed. Log in or Sign up.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. A couple of comments based on my past industry experience: Draft saved Draft deleted. Hunt’s company-owned and contracted drayage network executes door-to-door intermodal service. Hunt utilizes thousands of refrigerated providers, complemented by over company-owned does jb hunt train trailers to provide comprehensive solutions for any refrigerated need.

You’re correct in your assessment about drivers and the difference in hauling freight to reefer.

Not No To Jb Hunt, Hell No!!!

No offense guy, but you’re wrong. You really have no clue. The thing that makes the units work well is how well the unit can control the temp. This page was last edited on 4 Mayat I know training within the driver pool will be a Corporate challenge, truck drivers sometimes can be pretty resistant to nunt their ideas of how things shoud be done My big concern is dovetailing does jb hunt train product handling into the skill set of driver’s w ho are primarily used to does jb hunt train dry freight side of how things are done.

Learn more about intermodal services available from J.

Greyhounds, I agree with you here about the RailMate concept and how that should be the preferred vehicle. But Dos don’t know for sure.